Purunpään Laavu


Purunpää wind shelter is located in the Ölmos-Purunpää conservation area. Best way to reach it is via Söderlångvik museum. You will pass the apple orchards of Söderlångvik and then follow the path marked with yellow across the forest. Most part of the trail through the forest is rocky and you will notice how trees have adapted to survive on the rocky terrain with very little soil. Wind shelter is located on a high point looking over Purunpää bay.

It offers a breathtaking view and wide variety of plant life. If you are lucky you might see a moose or an eagle.


Forest and rocky terrain.

Starting points

  • Amos Andersonvägen 2, 25870 Dragsfjärd
  • Off Karhunpolku (60.025814, 22.418246)
  • Villa Sundsvedja (60.019770, 22.431890)




Dragsfjärd, Kemiönsaari